Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solution


Eniscope from BEST is a complete Energy Management solution, helping you to Identify waste and eliminate costs.

It combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform in one holistic solution

Eniscope collates real-time energy data from multiple sources in addition to its highly accurate on-board metering capability and delivers critical information via stunning, easy to understand graphics .



Easy and safe to install without any disruption. Plug & Play

8 X Three phase or 24 x1 phase monitoring

Light weight and Compact

Integral Communications hub and server

Better than 1% accuracy over its entire life

Wireless IoT sensors for Temperature and pulse

Supports MODBUS


One Platform for multiple buildings

Mobile App for easy access

Multiple data sources and one dash board

Second by second data delivery

Energy data Analytics, renewable displays, public displays, customer reporting

API for easy integrations

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Energy Saving Solution

Air Conditioning Energy Savers (ACES)

BEST’s Air Conditioning Energy Savers (ACES) are used to reduce the energy consumption of commercial air conditioning systems across the globe, improving comfort levels, equipment performance and reliability at the same time.


Simple to install on existing equipment and requires zero maintenance.

Improves comfort levels.

Improves comfort levels.

Simple to install on existing equipment and requires zero maintenance.

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We have considerable experience in reducing the energy demands of refrigeration within commercial applications, regularly achieving savings of up to 33% with CUES. With a range of products designed to work in commercial environments we can help your organization achieve impressive energy savings, improved equipment performance and reliability, as well as enhanced control of the temperature of stored food products. The CUES range of products includes CUES Standard, CUES Compact and CUES FBP.


Retrofit device that is simple to install, requiring zero maintenance.

Ensures a more efficient refrigeration cycle, leading to lower energy costs and improved equipment reliability.

Provides enhanced control of the temperature of stored food products.

Reduces energy consumption by upto 33%.

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Integra is a ‘family of intelligent controllers for fixed-speed motors, suitable for almost any motor size and application - with an extensive range of special application pre-sets and adjustable controls. Integra combines world leading soft start, intelligent load monitoring, energy optimisation and controlled stopping in a smartly designed, easy to install. In effect; Integra electronically ‘re-sizes’ the motor to both its application and load cycle every 10ms Integra is perfect for fixed speed applications because motor rpm is maintained at all times. Integra can also be configured to turn off the motor when no load is detected.


Increased contactor life & drive train components.

Preventing dips in supply when starting larger motors.

Reducing the worrying threat of peak demand penalties.

Smooth acceleration without the torque transients.

Improved power factor at all load cycles means reduction in kVA.

Reduces the KVA, KW and KVAR as well as increasing the PF through the loading cycle.

Up to 40% energy savings.

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Intelligent Motor Controllers (iMEC)

Motors are widely used in both commercial and industrial manufacturing processes, where they can account for up to 54% of total electricity use. BEST’s Intelligent Motor Controllers (iMEC), are used to reduce the energy consumption of motors in commercial applications across the globe, often improving equipment performance and reliability at the same time. The iMEC range of products includes controllers for single-phase and three-phase applications. Available from


Suitable for most applications.

Reduces heat,noise and vibration.

Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance.

Improves power factor quality..

Reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

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ELUMA combines benefits of LED lighting technology with two crucial innovations:
• A unique casing design that dissipates heat incredibly efficiently, keeping the unit cool.
• A smart, infrared guided lighting automation system, which keeps the light levels in your space at exactly where you want them – constantly adjusting to the daylight available and dimming or turning off when nobody is around. Highly Programmable Performance is further enhanced using intelligent wireless sensor that communicates via a grid system to an easily programmable master control supplied with each installation.


REDUCED MAINTENANCE -100,000 + hour lifespan equates to a significant reduction in replacement and maintenance costs.

REDUCED AC COSTS- Eluma will reduce the demand on air conditioning, saving another 5% in the process.

BETTER ENVIRONMENT -Eluma lighting delivers better light quality, a better working environment and is a very visible commitment to a greener economy.

ENERGY SAVINGS - Save up to 85% on something that could be responsible for 50% of your energy bill, or more.

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Lighting Solution

Troika in association with Aarnova brings to you a wide range of energy efficient lighting solutions. Brighten your homes with our innovative, user-friendly and unique spectrum of lighting products and help us achieve affordable lighting.


Energy Efficient - Saves 60-75% power

Long Lasting - Life of more then 40,000 hr

More durable - No breaking of filaments.

Instant start - Within Nanosecond

Invironment Friendly - No Mercury, led or other heavy metals,Preceieved to be toxic while disposal.

Infinitely dimmable & controllable - New lightning features make it the next generation light.

Wheather Agnostic - No Hot Failures trouble

High powre factor - Power factor >0.90

Natural Light - LED Lightening Is closet to naturallight.

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